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1 PM to 3 PM
627 Encinitas Boulevard Encinitas, CA 92024

Nourish & Flourish the new you into existence
through movement, sound, and ceremony!

  • Tune inward as we facilitate various forms of free and guided movement.

  • Experience the sacredness of ceremony through unity and community.

  • Play with sound and frequency as we allow our creativity to flow.

Ocean Ceremony To Follow!


A Look Within

A window into the world of FLOURISH! View the highlights of the event as we practiced yoga, danced, found healing in sound and ceremony...together!

Meet The Team

How We Three Manifested To Be

Playfulness, raw authenticity and the transformative power of sound & movement brought us together. We found ourselves dancing at the Soul of Yoga, as the universe sweetly joined us for a bigger purpose.


Creating together feels joyful and soulful and we wish to share this energy and co-create with you!


Our intention is to take you on a journey within to nourish the seeds you have planted so you may truly F-L-O-U-R-I-S-H.

Get to Know Us

Jen Carqueville

Jen was born and raised in Vienna, a charming city in Austria. She fell in love with Kundalini Yoga because of its holistic approach and magical effects on every part of our being. In 2019 she moved with her husband Dan and their Border Collie Sunny to beautiful San Diego. In the same year, she received her KRI teacher certification and spiritual name – Padmani Krishna, the jewel of wisdom to elevate the hearts and minds with the newness of life and growth. She currently teaches Kundalini Yoga and offers Sound Healings in studio classes, private sessions, and retreats throughout San Diego County.


Jen loves to hold space to heal, uplift, and center. She accompanies her classes with the gong to take you on an even deeper journey into your own universe and beyond. Each class is a new adventure and an unfolding co-creation. Jen’s favorite saying that guides her on and off the mat is, “Everyone is a teacher and a student”. She is excited to connect with you at Flourish.

Jen Booker

I believe Yoga to be a direct pathway into our Authentic Self. A *practice* of Awareness, in each moment. A Remembrance of our Divine Nature. 


I believe the Flow is always Flowing… whether we are allowing it or not. 

Yoga brings me back in flow if I forget.


I teach at the Soul of Yoga, farmers market and offer private sessions. I am a Yoga Therapist ~in training~ and love to share all I am learning.  My teaching style is a blend of hatha, metaphysics, elemental energetics and liberated movement. 


It is my intention, with my whole heart, to guide and support you on your journey inward!


Let’s connect:

Sonia Rodriguez

Sonia utilizes crystal quartz singing bowls alongside other instruments to create a relaxing environment that facilitates a meditative state. The sound and frequency assist the mind, body and spirit to initiate deep healing.

Sonia is a Dance Fitness Instructor and Movement Facilitator. Sonia draws on experience from her 12 years as a dance teacher to facilitate a sacred space where souls can express their authentic selves.

Sonia completed a 100-Hour Sound Healing Certification in 2019 and became registered Yoga Alliance Teacher in 2022 both achieved through the Soul Of Yoga Institute.

In addition, Sonia is on the pathway to receiving a Divine Light Healing Certificate through the Spiritual Arts Institute. 

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