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Find Solace From The Storm

Come and experience this peaceful journey, blessed in sacred light, and enveloped by the healing frequencies of crystal bowls. The sound can be experienced as a deeply introspective journey or simply an invitation to relax.


Sound Healing
Soul Of Yoga

Join Sonia Rodriguez for a 60-minute sound bath featuring a Chakra Set of Frosted Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls. Participants will be guided into a relaxed state through breath work and a guided light meditation. The sound experience will be dedicated to tuning out distractions and tuning into the healing frequencies of the sound bowls. The light meditation will be focused on bringing in specific energy, such as cleansing, protection, focus, motivation, inspiration, harmony, love, communication, connection, intelligence, prosperity and wisdom. The session will close with a moment of silence to allow the energy to integrate with the body. Grounding exercises will be introduced to bring awareness back into the body.

What To Bring

The Soul Of Yoga has plenty of blocks, bolsters and blankets for use but we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat. It is recommended that you bring any of the following to help fluff your nest! 


  • Water 

  • Yoga mat to lay on

  • Blankets to cover-up 

  • Pillow to prop head

  • Bolster to prop head and knees

  • Sleeping mask or light scarf to lay over your eyes if your sensitive to light. 

  • Wear comfortable and layered clothing as your temperature may fluctuate.

  • Chairs available upon request, email


The Science Of Sound Healing

Sound is a primordial healing practice that allows us to reconnect with our inner peace. For millennia, our ancestors have used sacred sound in ceremony or ritual, whether it be to heal the sick, or bring peace to the world. 

How can sound heal? 

Everything is in a state of vibration, from the computers we use, to the leaves on the trees, this includes our bodies. Which means everything vibrating is emitting sound, even if we are unable to hear it. 

Sound as Frequency

As one can imagine, positive, calming and uplifting frequencies can create a peaceful state to the mind and body. When we expose ourselves to negative, and upsetting frequencies this can often causes a disturbance to our peace.

Frequency as Energy

Going back to the positive and negative frequencies, what we expose ourselves to can and will effect our own energy. If you spend your day in a stressful work environment, you will most likely carry the energy of stress home with you. On the other hand, if you take a day to yourself and enjoy your favorite past times, chances are you are going to experience an uplifted attitude because now you are caring the energy of joy or happiness within you. The energy you surround yourself with affects your emotional and mental state.

Sound healing can be a vehicle used for healing and transformation.

If your body is in a state of stress or disharmony for too long this can cause an overtaxed nervous system and lead to dis-ease in the body. Sound healing is a natural approach to moving the body away from an imbalanced state into a more harmonious state. 

Sound has the ability calm the nervous system, in turn this can help to:

Research provided by “The Humming Effect, Sound Healing for Health and Happiness” by Jonathan Goldman and Andy Goldman. 

The Spirit Of Sound Healing

Sound baths can help you reconnect with Divine source. By quieting the mind and the external environmental noise, we disconnect ourselves from distractions. This quieting of the mind and space allows us to tune into our intuition and connect with a higher source. This may be a God, a Goddess, Diety, Ancestors or Nature. Wherever one draws spirit from, this silence allows you to tune into a higher frequency and create a pipeline for communication between you and spirit.

Sound has the ability to create a conduit of higher consciousness, helping you to: 

  • Awaken Your Intuition

  • Connect with Spirit

  • Reveal your True Path

  • Reveal Unhealthy Patterns in your life

  • Receive Divine Guidance

  • Increased Awareness of Self-Realization

  • Find peace from mental, emotional or physical trauma. 

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