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Why do people cough at sound baths?

I have been facilitating sound baths for almost five years and one thing I have observed is participants will often cough during a sound bath. I have my theory as to why this happens but let's first review what coughing is and why our body does it!

When our body needs to cough it is due to an irritant that is stimulating our nervous system. When our brain receives a signal that an irritant needs to be released it sends a message to the abdomen and lungs to cough it out.

If the body knows when there is a physical irritation, I believe it knows when there is also energetic irritation. I've realized that coughing is the body’s natural way of releasing energy out of the body.

During a sound bath, the body is absorbing the sound and vibration being emitted from the crystal bowls, which means every aspect of the body is vibrating, molecules, cells, organs, everything! Most sound bowls are tuned to a healing frequency such as 432 Hz, this frequency is shaking things up within you and releasing any negative energy, or toxins that are not vibrating at the same rate as the healing frequency.

The next time you sign up for a sound bath, I recommend taking water in with you. If you feel energy wanting to release from that throat chakra, don’t hold it in or be afraid to cough because you might disturb others. Honor your body and the healing process. If you feel a coughing attack coming on, feel free to leave the space, get it out of your system, drink some water, and return to the sound bath if that feels good to you.

Once the coughing subsides ask your body, what are you releasing and where is it coming from? Investigate what the “irritant” could be in your body or in your life. Chances are you will receive some insight or a clue, I like to call them spiritual breadcrumbs. They come in all different forms, words, images, floating colors, movie reels, a feeling or sense…and the list goes on!

Sound Bath experiences are unique to each person who attends, even if you are a regular sound traveler, you most likely will not have repeat experiences. What’s the fun in that? You have probably learned by now. the universe likes to keep us guessing to peak our curiosities!


If you are ready for a sound journey, visit my offerings. You will find sound baths focused on various intentions. If you don’t find one that suits you or your tribe, connect with me and we can schedule a private one-to-one or group session.

Blessings of love, light, and sound ✨

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